Jo and her team of lovely front of house staff including Claire, Philippa, Olivia, Julie, Sophie, Ella and of course, Rochelle! will be on hand 7 days a week to welcome you to their lovely River Cafe in Ivybridge, located in Glanvilles Mill. 

We are able to provide our full menu as "Take Away" should you so wish. You can call ahead to save time and collect at a time suitable to you.  Call us 7 days a week in our opening hours.

We pride ourselves on selecting & serving local, fresh produce and offer "Daily Specials" too.  

We have an extensive range of homemade cakes for you to enjoy with our locally sourced coffee.   Why not sit and relax on our amazing, scenic and huge outdoor terrace overlooking the River Erme (brilliant on a bright sunny day). 

Due to Covid 19 we have several policies in place:    Face Coverings Must be worn at all times when you are not seated at a table.  Our Track and Trace Form or the NHS App Scanning Code Must be used whilst you are ordering at the counter and will record your Time of Visit and table number
Sanitize hands on entry.  Wipes and Anti-bacterial spray are provided on the terrace and in the cafe should you wish to use them.  The rear gate is open at all times so you can exit the cafe via this route should you so wish. 

All of these provisions are in place for you in accordance with the guidance, the rest is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.  Should you not feel comfortable around other people we would stress that arriving at peak times, in sunny weather and wishing to sit in prime locations over the river would not be a good idea as it will inevitably get busy in the summer months.  We have seating indoors and all the doors and windows are open at all times to allow free-flowing air circulation.  We also have a further 30 seats available at tables to the front of the cafe in the shopping mall itself, which is classed as outdoor, equally spaced to allow you to feel comfortable.  

We would stress, however, that no matter how may procedures and guidelines there are in the cafe, the ultimate decision for your welfare lies with yourself.  You are responsible for yourself and your health and you are responsible for what you feel comfortable with.  We are responsible for the staff, their jobs, the cafe and the business as a whole and would love to see you all, but only if you are happy to visit us.  This is a decision only you can make.  If you are not happy to visit as we seem too busy for you, please wait until sometime in the future or the winter months when you do feel more comfortable.  Socialising in discomfort is not socialising at all, and its not hospitable for others either.  We are here to be friendly and helpful and serve you food and drink and look forward to doing so well into the future.  

As per Government Guidelines we are Exempt from Table Service as we are not a Pub, Bar or Restaurant - we are a cafe so please find your table inside or out, note the table number and order whenever you are ready, at the counter.  We will then do the rest and bring everything to your table for you.

Dogs, Hikers, Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Ramblers and anyone else out enjoying the fringes of Dartmoor are welcome here 7-days a week so please pop in any day and sit and enjoy some local food and drink to replenish your energy levels!!  We very much look forward to seeing you soon.

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We Are Open 7 Days a Week as Follows:-
Take-Away & Full Outside Menu served from 9:00am till 3.00pm  Monday to Saturday
Sunday opening for Take-Away Breakfasts & Roasts 10.00am -2:00pm
 Telephone & Order/Pay in Advance to Safe Time and Safely Socially Distance on Collection

16 Glanvilles Mill, Ivybridge, PL21 9PS
(01752) 698576